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Product Number: BE119105
Availability: In Stock

Availability: In stock


NEC 24CG-Button Black IP Telephone for Univerge 9000 System Platforms.

DT930 Series.

This premium phone helps managers, knowledge workers and sales reps collaborate. It delivers outstanding conversation quality with the super wideband, an alphabetic keyboard and a large color screen. This phone enhance the IP communications experience in multi-device environments. The DT930 improves the overall energy efficiency of IP phone deployments by saving energy in standby mode and in conversation mode.


  • Full colour 4.3” LCD

  • 24-key (32 with 8LK key extension unit)

  • Backlit LCD and keypad

  • Standard button layout

  • Multi-colour MWI

  • Hands-free, full duplex

  • Adjustable stand - 5 steps

  • Headset support, optional EHS support

  • Soft keys/LCD prompts

  • Navigation cursor & Directory dial key

  • Network support 10/100/1G Ethernet

  • Wideband audio support

  • VoIP encryption

  • Wall mountable

2 year Warranty.

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Do you need IP Licenses: SV9100 RESOURCE LIC-01 # 640773 / BE114042 & SV9100 STANDARD LIC-01 # 640774 / BE114153?  AC-Z Power Supply # BE115923 ?  CommGear sells them. Install and service at an additional charge.

Part # BE119105

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