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Cell Phone Boosters


Product Number: 470145
Availability: In Stock

Availability: In stock


weBoost Home Complete 4G Cellular Amplifier Kit

4G indoors/ 7,500 sq.ft.


  • 1,500 sq. ft. with 1-2 bars(-100 dB) of outside signal

  • 5,000 sq. ft. with 3-4 bars (-90 dB) of outside signal

  • 7,500 sq. ft. with 5 bars of outside signal

The weBoost Home Complete is our most powerful cell signal booster for residential use. With 72 dB max gain, it delivers the strongest cell signal possible for large homes; up to 7,500 sq. ft.

Boasting up to 24 dBm in uplink-output power, the Home Complete easily reaches cell towers at distances up to 26% farther with up to 46% more coverage area than our next most powerful booster—Home MultiRoom. It also boasts over 12 dBm in downlink-output power. With Home Complete, users enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, greater hotspot capability, and faster internet speeds. The kit is designed for a step-by-step, guided DIY installation.

Home Complete is compatible with all cell phones, tablets, hotspots, and cellular-connected devices and on all US mobile carriers—including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more.


  • Up to 24 dBm uplink-output power for unparalleled range

  • Set of wall-mount brackets for booster & inside antenna

  • Anodized aluminum booster and fabric-covered inside antenna

  • Home Complete booster includes Band 25 optimization


  • Reaches towers up to 26% farther away than Home MultiRoom

  • Allows for secure, versatile install using 3M Command™ Strips*

  • Stylish modern design looks at home with contemporary décor

  • Improves performance of LTE signal for Sprint customers

Package Includes:

  • Qty. (1) Home Complete

  • Qty. (1) Outside Directional Antenna #314445

  • Qty. (1) Fabric Inside Panel Antenna #314440

  • Qty. (1) 60’ + 75’ Black RG11 Cables #951160 / #951175

  • Qty. (1) Power Supply #850023

  • Qty. (1) Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket

  • Qty. (2) Wall-Mount Brackets w/3M Command Strips

  • Qty. (15) Cable Mounting Clips

  • Qty. (1) Instruction Manual


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Insallation Guide

2 year Warranty.

Do you need Cabling?  CommGear can install and service at an additional charge.

Replaces AG SOHO 60.

Part # 470145
MFR weBoost

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