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Product Number: SN-ULTRA-AS
Availability: In Stock

Availability: In stock


EnGenius Antenna Splitter for DuraFon Systems.

The EnGenius Antenna Splitter allows the EnGenius base unit's signal to be directed to two different areas for a wider range of coverage. Splitting the signal will significantly reduce the potential coverage strength, but is ideal when obstacles obstruct the signal and weaken or prevent coverage to another area.

Each DuraFon and FreeStyl system can support two (2) external antennas. The SN-Ultra-AS is required to support (2) external antennas. Use the SN-ULTRA-AS when installing multiple external antennas. Each DuraFon system can support one (1) antenna splitter per DuraFon base unit.

  • Reverse Thread TNC Connectors

  • 1 Meter (~3 ft.) of Low-Loss Cable

  • Compatible With all EnGenius DuraFon Systems

  • Includes: (1) 3-Foot Length of Coax and 1 Splitter (Y)

1 year Warranty.

Install and service at an additional charge.


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