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Product Number: DURAFON-UHF-HC
Availability: In Stock

Availability: In stock


DuraFon-UHF-HC Cordless Phone / UHF 2-Way Radio Handset for DuraFon PRO Systems

The dual-mode radio phone, DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset is the industry’s only durable, long-range cordless phone with a UHF 2-way radio that allows communication with both UHF 2-way radios and phone users.

The DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset works with a DuraFon PRO Series Base Unit (sold separately) to provide the telephone line connection.

It is ideal for employees that need to make and receive calls and want the added convenience of communicating with other personnel using UHF 2-way radios in the area.

Flexible, Dual-Mode Radio Phone Communications DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset offers long-range cordless telephone communications to make and receive both internal and external calls through a DuraFon PRO Base Unit. It also provides Exclusive Private Intercom, private handset-to-handset communications independent of the Base Unit to another specific DuraFon Handset.

DuraFon-UHF-HC Handsets feature Exclusive Group Broadcast, giving users the ability to broadcast to other DuraFon Handsets that have joined a communication group.

The Handset also supports standard UHF “Push-to-Talk” through the Handset’s Broadcast button, allowing users to instantly broadcast to all Motorola CLS/CLP and DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset users.

On-Premises Mobility for Managers and Staff

Exceptional coverage of up to:

  • - 2500,000 sq. ft. (Retail/Warehouse)

  • - 12 Floors of Penetration (In-Building)

  • - 3,000 Acres (Open Land)

Single Handset for Flexible Communication

No need to carry both a phone AND a 2-way radio, a single DuraFon-UHF Handset offers:

  • - UHF 2-Way Radio

  • - Long-Range Cordless Phone

  • - Private Intercom between DuraFon Base Registered Handsets

Easy Integration and Deployment

DuraFon-UHF-HC is compatible with:

  • - Motorola CLS/CLP UHF Radios

  • - Analog Phone Lines or PBX Ports

Durable and Reliable Handset

Handset is ready for demanding environments:

  • - Drop-Tested

  • - IP55-Ingress Protection Rated

  • - FCC Certified


  • 1 Handset

  • 1 Desktop Charger with AC/DC Adapter

  • 1 Quick Set-Up Guide

  • 1 Li-Ion Battery


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