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Product Number: MX-UserCard1
Availability: In Stock

Availability: In stock


Mobotix User RFID Access Card for T2x IP Video Door Station

The MOBOTIX MX-Keypad1-EXT-PW Keypad Module is a functional module component for the MOBOTIX T24 IP Video Door Stations. IP65-rated, the MX-Keypad1-EXT can be used indoors or outdoors as a keyless entry device to be coupled with the MX-T24M-Sec IP cameras. Users can either enter a PIN number on the keypad or use their RFID access user cards to enter the premises. The Keypad Module can also be used by visitors or residents to record and playback messages in voicemail.

The Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station is an innovative module that combines a high-resolution camera with a keypad to control access and monitor entrances to homes, office buildings, warehouse facilities and more. The T25 Video Door Station is compatible with the latest international video telephony standards VoIP/SIP and H.264.

The Mobotix T25 is equipped with a 6 megapixel 180° hemispheric door camera that captures the entire entrance area with no blind spots: wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. When the doorbell rings the Video Door Station establishes a connection with either an IP video phone or a standard computer over the network. The T25 allows users to have video conversations with visitors at the door or even open the door remotely from anywhere in the world.

The hemispheric camera in the door station records automatically so the homeowner or surveillance operator can tell who came to the door while they were away. The T25 can be programmed to record continuously or on an event-triggered basis such as someone ringing the doorbell or when the camera detects movement.

A keypad on the T25 door station controls access to the home or facility where it is installed using either a PIN code or an RFID transponder with the individually configurable access module. The Mobotix Video Door Station even allows visitors to leave digital voice messages directly at the door station. The T25 is supported by Power over Ethernet (PoE) for flexible and easy installation.

Camera Highlights:

  • 6 megapixel 180° hemispheric camera

  • Keypad and info module

  • Internal camera memory up to 32 GB

  • Virtual pan/tilt/zoom

  • Automatic event recording

  • Integrated message function

  • IP65 rated weatherproof housing


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Installation and service in North Carolina only. Preprogramming can be done before shipping to site.

Part # MX-UserCard1

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