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Product Number: OSLS
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Availability: In stock

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Metropolis Office Watch SL Standard (X) Extension 12-Month Support Subscription.

Professional call reporting software with 911 alerts, up to 3 division and organization reporting levels, trunk threshold alarms and Traffic Watch graphical trunk analyzer, multi-site call processing capabilities and client/server software to allow an unlimited number of LAN/WAN desktop clients to simultaneously generate reports and/or configure the software. Includes a one-year support subscription.*

*Support subscriptions include 24/7 technical support, area code updates, rate table updates and software upgrades.

OfficeWatch Telemanagement provides small and medium businesses with critical data by revealing information from your phone system. All companies are looking to boost employee productivity, cut costs, and increase profits to grow their business. To achieve these goals, it is critical that day-to-day operations run smoothly and without any unforeseen expenses. OfficeWatch is the telecom dashboard needed to manage daily call expenses, track employee productivity, and detect phone abuse without taking up precious employee time to manage the software. All thresholds can be set for automatic alert notifications and reports can be scheduled for automatic email delivery to key personnel.


  • Traffic Watch Trunk Analyzer

  • Division and Organization Reporting

  • Client/Server Opration and multi site call processing capabilities


Important: End User Info. required:

  • End User company name.

  • End User address.

  • End User contact name.

  • End User phone number.


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    1 year Warranty.

    Do you need Software Assurance?  CommGear sells it.  Install and service at an additional charge.

    Part # OSLS

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