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Product Number: VA-30 / VA-SE-8
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Availability: Out of stock

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The VoiceArrest system is an enterprise-level office sound masking system, providing the most uniform and best-sounding privacy available. A "direct-field" system, the VoiceArrest sound masking system represents the latest generation in sound masking technology and has been providing exceptional privacy to clients like NASA, the USAF, and the Yale University Medical Center, as well as hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across North America. The VA-SE Single Emitter is the key to the effectiveness of this system. An ultra-wide-angle dispersion emitter broadcasting sound at 170 degrees means that unlike older systems, there are no "hot or cold" areas, instead, you get measurably the most uniform sound masking currently available. Because the system is a direct field system, it also doesn't have to compensate for the acoustic challenges inherent in placing sound equipment above the suspended ceiling. The VoiceArrest system sounds like the gentle "whoosh" of a good HVAC system. In other words, your mind will tune it out - along with the distractions that are common in most offices. The VA-30 Control Module also can provide paging and background music via the VoiceArrest Single Emitter.

Note: VA-SE Includes one 15-ft cable per emitter for use with VA-30 or VA-300 Control Modules; custom cable lengths available.

The VA-30 is designed for the smaller areas under 3000sft. It can also be used to "Zone" several different areas


  • Wireless Remote Control - The Voice Arrest™ Control Module is controlled via a wireless, infrared remote control. Providing 4 preset volume setting and an On/Off button. This prevents any unauthorized volume or sound changes.

Sold As-Is.  Case not included.

Install and service at an additional charge.

Part # VA-30 / VA-SE-8

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